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Let's achieve security and safety together

The Campus Security team of the Real Estate & Facilities Department is responsible for a safe campus. In addition, every campus user can contribute to a safe learning and working environment by preventing accidents and limiting the consequences of any accident. Have you seen an abnormal or unsafe situation on campus? Always report it to Campus Security. 


In case of an emergency on campus, call: +3110 408 1100

In case of an emergency off campus, call: 112 (the international emergency number)

Alexander Santos Lima

What does Campus Security do?

The Campus Security department of Real Estate & Facilities (Professional Services) takes care of security and surveillance in and around the buildings at all Erasmus University Rotterdam locations. Campus Security opens and closes the buildings, offices, corridors and lecture halls at fixed times.

Contact Campus Security

Alexander Santos Lima
Alexander Santos Lima

Emergency response team (BHV)

In the event of a fire (or suspicion thereof), an accident or an evacuation, the emergency response team of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) comes into action. They are trained to extinguish a starting fire, provide first aid and help evacuate (part of) the building or campus. The aim is to prevent incidents and disasters and to limit any consequential damage.

Despite the presence of this team within the EUR, every employee and student also has a very important role in case of an emergency: raising the alarm. Therefore, always call the EUR emergency number +3110 408 1100 in case of an emergency, so that people can quickly arrive who are familiar with the conditions in the building and on the campus and can support the professional emergency services.

Do you have a question about BHV, or are you interested in becoming a BHV officer? Contact

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