Students from outside Erasmus School of Economics  who wish to study elective courses at our faculty, can choose either bachelor-2 and/or bachelor-3 courses. Per student, there is a maximum of 12 ECTS (credits) you can take as an elective. It is the student’s responsibility to have sufficient prior knowledge for taking this course and he/she is to have a letter in which his/her Examination Board confirms that this elective course can be incorporated in his/her bachelor curriculum.

However, the options for non-Dutch students are limited due to several exemptions. It is not possible to:

  • Choose a bachelor-1 course
  • Choose courses which are part of the bachelor Fiscale Economie
  • Choose major seminars
  • Choose courses which have an X-code
  • Choose master courses
  • Choose master seminars

Block system

At the Erasmus School of Economics the block system is applied, which means the academic year is divided into 5 blocks of each 8 weeks. The first seven weeks of the block are lectures and tutorials, in week number eight the exam takes place.

Each student is to be enrolled as an elective-student at the Erasmus School of Economics at least 1 week prior the start of the relevant block in which your elective course is offered.  

BlockStarts on:Deadline to be enrolled
Block 1Monday 4 September 2017Monday 28 August 2017
Block 2Monday 30 October 2017Monday 23 October 2017
Block 3Mondag 8 January 2018Monday 18 December 2017 (due to Christmas)
Block 4Monday 5 March 2018Monday 26 February 2018
Block 5Mondag 7 May 2018Monday 9 April 2018
  • Submitting the application is done via the 'Apply now' button below, which you find below.
  • After receipt of your application, the Erasmus School of Economics will check within 3 working days whether you are allowed to take the course(s) you have chosen and whether or not you cross the maximum of 12 ECTS.
  • When the faculty approves your request for enrolment as an elective student, Team Enrolment, Deregistration & Funding will send you an enrolment-package via postal services.
  • Only upon receipt of a complete and correct filled in application form, Team EDF will finalise your enrolment as an elective-student at the Erasmus School of Economics (within 3 working days). Note: when you return your application form but it is appears to be incomplete or incorrect, this will be returned to you and you might not be enrolled prior to the deadline.
  • When your enrolment is completed, you will receive your ERNA details and your student card (only applicable to students from other Universities).

At all times it is the responsibility of the student to have completed his/her enrolment prior to the above mentioned deadline(s). This means that each student is to ensure that his/her enrolment package/form is received by Team Enrolment, Deregistration & Funding well in time.


Apply by clicking on the button below:

What happens after you are enrolled as an elective student?

As soon as Team Enrolment, Deregistration & Funding has finalised your enrolment, Erasmus School of Economics will receive note of that and we will subscribe you to the relevant course, tutorial gruop (if applicable), exam and re-sit exam. As soon as we have done so, you can see the course in your timetable via SIN-Online.

As mentioned: as an elective-student you can not choose courses which are bachelor-1 courses, courses from Fiscale Economie, major seminars, courses with an X-course code, master courses or master seminars.


For students outside the Erasmus School of Economics there are limited possibilities to participate in a Minor of the Erasmus School of Economics. The restrictions mentioned above also apply when applying for a Minor. A student can either obtain a maximum of 12 ECTS in elective courses or participate in one Minor.

Information for current bachelor students from Erasmus School of Economics

Current fulltime bachelor students at Erasmus School of Economics may find more information on choosing their electives at the website for bachelor students.