Information about scholarships

The most important thing is, of course, that the money raised by the Fund is spend well, and there were it is needed most. The Erasmus Education Fund critically evaluates in which ways and in cooperation with which organizations it can best realize its objective. 

Through financial contributions to causes, distributing prizes to good initiatives and by handing out scholarships to students, the Erasmus Education Fund can have a contribution to more students being able to develop their talents.

On the one side, EEF supports organisations that contribute to allow high achieving students to reach their full potential by going to university. But on the other hand, EEF also reaches out to individual talent that will study at the Erasmus University or a partner university by directly providing them with financial support through a scholarship.


With the start of each academic year, the Erasmus Education Fund will grant scholarships to EUR students. The scholarships amount to €3000,- per year.  Only students with excellent study results, who financially need the support and that are able to show a proof of their registration at EUR are eligible for a scholarship.

Students who think they qualify for a scholarship have to send their application  to the Erasmus Education Fund.

UAF and the Erasmus Education Fund

The UAF works closely with all kinds of schools and education centres when it comes to the support of refugee students. Forty percent of the three thousand refugee students who are supported by the UAF, study at an academic level. Approximately fifty of them are currently studying at Erasmus University. However, there are still four hundred refugees on a waiting list.

Mission UAF

The Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) provides financial and other support to refugees and asylum seekers who plan to study in the Netherlands. This support consists of:

  • Scholarships and contributions towards the costs of the preparation and of the studies.
  • Individual advice and guidance by student counsellors
  • Support to graduated UAF clients in finding a job
  • Advice to governmental and educational institutions about suitable paths for higher educated refugees