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Each year Erasmus School of Economics starts several new PhD research projects focusing on relevant economic research themes. These projects are part of the PhD programme and fully funded, salaried positions for 3-4 years (depending on pre-education).  All PhD projects are supervised by a distinguished professor at Erasmus School of Economics and accepted candidates will have access to excellent research facilities, support programmes and thorough postgraduate training for a successful academic career.

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PhD position in Marketing

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PhD position: Identify the impact of government policies on the location choices of MNEs

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PhD position: This proposal is for candidates who would like to do research in finance

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PhD position: Develop and apply methods that analyse complex time series data

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PhD position: Studying robustness properties of tests and test-based procedures in modern data analysis

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PhD position: Strategies to improve the quality macroeconomic forecasts

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PhD position: Research in financial reporting and disclosure


PhD position: Robust methods for analyzing (big) rating-scale data

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