Here you can read several testimonials of students that received a scholarship from the Erasmus Education Fund.

  • Donatas Meskele

    Till the moment when I received the letter from Erasmus Education Fund I was doubting between studying at Erasmus School of Economics and staying in my country. However, after opening the envelope I was sure that I am definitely going abroad.

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  • Taejeong Shin

    The Erasmus Education Fund scholarship was a glimmer of hope to my education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This scholarship lessened the burden of high tuition fee and widened my vision with high quality education in an international atmosphere.

    The greatest satisfaction came from the course curriculum of IBEB, which were completely compatible with my interest. All the courses helped me to step forward to my professional goal. Thank you for giving me all these great opportunities!

  • Hansen Hubert Octavianus

    The Erasmus Education Fund has played a huge role in turning my dreams into reality. It has been a huge help for me throughout my journey in the Netherlands. In 2013, my decision to travel all the way to The Netherlands was genuinely a leap of faith.

    Coming from a middle-class family in Indonesia, it was not an easy task to bear the expensive cost for living in Europe. Nonetheless, here I am currently on the verge of completing my bachelor with a cum laude. This is not possible without the financial support from EEF, which has made the expensive stay in Europe easier. Therefore, I am forever grateful for your support!

  • Vania Valerie Sitorus 

    I went to Penabur High School, which is one of the toughest school in Indonesia and had been number one best student for 6 years consecutively.Beside my academic achievement, I had also been active in school organisations and had won three debate competitions.
    I am a hard worker, critical thinker, and a highly motivated student who has a passion to study economics in Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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  • Agnieszka Wietrzyk

    Because of the education in England I gained a global outlook on the challenges facing humanity through the exposure to British perspectives. Now I am hoping that the chance to study in the Netherlands would be intellectually enriching and would enable me to look at global economy from a new perspective again.

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  • Zlata Kedich

    The Erasmus Education Fund grant provided me with an appreciable help in my first year of studying at University. As coming from the opposite side of the world and the set up cost for living in Europe are huge, the financial support has facilitated my staying and allowed me to move forward in achieving my professional goals. Receiving a grant is a great help and has made an expensive stay a little easier. Thank you for your support!

  • Kseniia Valchuk

    I have always wanted to build my career in supply chain and receiving a master degree in Supply Chain Management has been a vital intermediate step. However, due to a destabilised economic situation in my home country, which resulted in depreciation of the national currency, I had to search for financial support elsewhere. That was when I have learnt about scholarships that Erasmus Education Fund provides.

    For me this scholarship meant everything: it has secured my future and allowed me to stay on the path to my dream. I believe that funds like this are the backbone of creating future leaders, since they provide opportunities for talented students to grow and develop themselves. I am extremely grateful to be selected as a recipient and I hope that other students in need will receive the same opportunity!

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