Captains of Industry

  • Laura van Geest

    Director of CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

    Graduated 1989

    "When I was in secondary school, the political debate was dominated by the power struggle between Den Uyl and Wiegel. I thought it was quite exciting. 
    I decided to study Economics, since money often plays an important role in politics."
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  • Harald Swinkels

    Entrepreneur, CEO of Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij

    Graduated 2004

    "I moved to Rotterdam from a small town in North Limburg in 1993. I started out as an Econometrics student. Later on, I switched to the Business Economics programme at Erasmus School of Economics."
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  • Huub Wieleman

    Member of the Executive Board/CFO of Reinier Haga Ziekenhuizen

    Graduated 1980

    “My ties with Erasmus University Rotterdam have turned into a lifelong relationship. I moved to Rotterdam to study Economics. And I’ve stayed there since. After graduating in Fiscal Business Economics, I started working as an auditor."
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  • Jeroen Drost

    Director of NPM Capital 

    Graduated 1986

    “My reasons for enrolling in a programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Economics Faculty in 1979 were actually quite self-explanatory: I wanted to study Business Economics, and EUR was already a leading institution in this field in those years."
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  • Koos Timmermans

    Vice-Chairman of ING Bank

    Graduated 1986

    "I had a great time as a Business Economics student. I not only learned how to work in an independent, no-nonsense, structured way; I also learned how to combine this with all kinds of part-time jobs, other initiatives and a membership of Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps, which I look back on with great pleasure."
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  • Kwik Kian Gie

    Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Indonesia

    Graduated 1963

    "If I had to start over, I would once again enrol as a student at Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool (NEH), the precursor of Erasmus School of Economics"
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  • Johannes Witteveen

    Former Minister of Finance and fifth Managing Director of the IMF

    Graduated 1946

    "I have very fond memories of my time as a student at the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool. One of my key experiences in this period was a masterly Economics lecture held by Professor F. de Vries, who clarified the fundamentals of economic thinking." 
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  • Peer Swinkels

    Executive Director of Bavaria

    Graduated 1993

    "I look back with tremendous pleasure on my time as a student in Rotterdam. My Economics teacher in secondary school spoke with a great deal of enthusiasm about the Econometrics degree programme in Rotterdam."
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  • Peter Hartman

    Vice-Chair of Air France-KLM

    Graduated 1979

    "Erasmus School of Economics had already been around six years at the time of KLM’s establishment. In 2013, the School celebrated a major milestone with its first centenary."
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  • Kees Storm

    CEO of Aegon 1993-2002, Chairman of the Board of AB InBev

    Graduated 1969

     "A centennial like this does take you back. I studied here from 1963, when it was called Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool (NEH) – the predecessor of Erasmus School of Economics – to 1969 (Business Economics) and 1972 (Accountancy)." 
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  • Jeannette Baljeu

    Deputy Mayor responsible for the Port, Traffic and Regional Economic Affairs, Municipality of Rotterdam 2010-2014

    Graduated 2002

    “Coming from Den Helder, after studying at the nearby University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus School of Economics formed my first real taste of student life in Rotterdam. And I have to say, for a few years, I really dedicated myself to the student lifestyle."
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  • Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd

    Chief Customer Officer and co-owner of Jumbo Supermarkets

    Graduated 1991

    “I had a fantastic time in Rotterdam. My strongest memories are about lectures held by Professor Bunt, who together with Professor Kuhlmeijer is responsible for introducing Marketing as a subject at EUR."
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  • Picture Jan Kees de Jager Erasmus School of Economics

    Jan Kees de Jager

    Minister of Finance 2010-2012

    Graduated 1994

    “I consciously chose to study in Rotterdam. That is why – although slightly older than most after completing a bachelor programme elsewhere – I immediately joined the student association Laurentius."
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  • Cees Coumou

    Independent Management Consulting Professional

    Graduated 1969

    “Studying in Rotterdam: After rounding off my national service as an officer of the intelligence service, I was curious to find about more about Rotterdam’s Economics offer."
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  • Anton van Rossum

    Member of the Supervisory Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam 2005-2013

    Graduated 1969

    “When I enrolled in what was then called the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool, the present-day Erasmus School of Economics, you could only study Economics there. I decided to study there because I wanted to know everything about how our society is structured in economic terms, and how companies functioned within this structure."
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  • Piet Moerland

    Chairman of the Executive Board of Rabobank Netherlands 2009-2013, 

    Graduated 1973

    “Rotterdam gives you a foundation for life: Rotterdam has formed me. It’s a no-nonsense town with a no-nonsense university. My fondest memories are of my propaedeutic year in the old building on Pieter de Hooghweg, with illustrious professors like Diepenhorst, Lambers and Tinbergen."
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  • Michiel Muller

    Serial Entrepreneur

    Graduated 1989

    “Rotterdam is a fantastic starting point for your career. At Erasmus School of Economics, I laid the groundwork for various competences that have served me well in later years."
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  • Jenno Ipema

    Director of TEAMPLAY

    Graduated 1995

    “I’m an alumnus of the Erasmus School of Economics Business Administration and Economics programme. The thing that strikes me most is how I still apply lessons learned during the lectures on an almost daily basis."
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  • Ruud Lubbers

    Prime Minister of the Netherlands 1982-1994

    Graduated 1962

    “I have very fond memories of my years at Nederlandse Economische Hoogeschool (from 1 September 1957 to 1 April 1962). Mostly thanks to the succession of outstanding professors who taught there."
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  • Frans van Houten

    CEO of Philips

    Graduated 1985

    “My time as a Business Economics student has helped me to develop into the person I am today. This study has allowed me to gain a broad idea of what it is to be an entrepreneur." 
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  • Harry Brouwer

    CEO Unilever Food Solutions - Global

    Graduated in 1983

    "As we all experience what we learn at the university is important but what we learn “around” the university has at least as much impact and accelerates the personal development."
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  • Marten van den Berg

    Director-General Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affiars.

    Graduated 1988

    "Both my grandfathers, my father and both my older brothers graduated in Rotterdam. So for me there was not much choice. But I really had a wonderful time in Rotterdam."
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