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Soon to be published study in the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics quantifies trade-off of containment measures during Covid-19

A new study by Annika Camehl and her co-author investigates the dynamic interaction between Covid-19, economic mobility and containment policy.

Statistics on the Atlantic trade in enslaved people show remarkable findings

A study by ESE researchers reveals that of all enslaved people who arrived in Dutch colonies, 37.4 % were transported by the Portuguese, and 12.6 % by the Dutch

Erasmus School of Economics well represented at annual SoFiE Conference in Seoul

Researchers Lumsdaine, Tetereva and Freire have distinguished themselves during the annual conference of the Society for Financial Econometrics.

Relief Supply Chain Planning under Uncertainty: Fair allocation of in-kind donations in post-disaster phase

Zehranaz Varol, Bilkent University
 Person cycling during a flood

Robust Tests of Model Incompleteness in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters

Hiroaki Kaido (Boston University)
Puzzle pieces on the floor almost connected to each other

FinEML Conference 2023

Financial Econometrics meets Machine Learning
Image - Artificial Intelligence
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