Re-enrolment for the same study programme via Studielink for next academic year is available from June until 31 August. You will receive an email and a SIN message of Erasmus Student Service Centre on this matter once re-enrolment via Studielink is available.

Here is the step-by-step plan to re-enrol for the same study programme: 

  • Visit Studielink and log in.  Follow the instructions of the Studielink step-by-step plan to re-enrol  and confirm your re-enrolment application. 

  • After the tuition fees have been established by Erasmus University you will receive an email via Studielink in June to fill out payment details. Pay by digital authorization via studielink in case you have a  bank account from a country in the SEPA area. Which countries are in the SEPA area can be found here.  Follow the instruction available on the Studielink website.

  • The re-enrolment applications of current first year bachelor students will only be processed AFTER  Erasmus University has checked whether you have a positive binding study advice. Your study programme informs the department of Student Administration on this matter. 

  • You are NOT re-enrolled in case your status in Studielink has not changed from 'Application Submitted' to ''Enrolled". Re-enrolment  should be completed before 31 August. Check your status in Studielink  regularly as well as the detail page of your re-enrolment application in Studielink and keep watch for any announcements of EUR.  For questions on why you are not yet enrolled, please contact Erasmus Student Service Centre in time.

  • You are enrolled once your status in Studielink is changed from 'Application submitted' to ''Enrolled''. After your status has changed into 'Enrolled' your  statement of registration is available in Osiris Student to download and print.

  • The procedural rules for enrolment at Erasmus University Rotterdam are available on this website.

    Please note: re-enrolment for all study programmes starting in September 2018 is closed.

    Re-enrolment for 2018-2019 is only available for students who experience study delay in graduating and who have permission of the Examination Board of the study programme to start later. The study programme will inform the Enrolment, Deregistration and Funding Team on this decision. Enrolment, Deregistration and Funding Team will contact you on your re-enrolment before your start of the programme. ESE and ESHPM students who experience study delay in graduating and who wish to re-enrol later than September 2018 need to contact Erasmus Student Service Centre for re-enrolment in a later month than September.

Registration after an interval

Enrolment via Studielink is available for programmes which start in the academic year 2019-2020. In June 2019, it will be possible to re-enrol for the academic year 2019-2020. If you temporarily interrupted your study, for example to avoid a BSA, then it is not possible to submit a re-enrolment application via Studielink. If you want to resume your studies after an interruption, you should enrol as a starter in a higher year:

    1.       Go to Studielink and login using your DigiD ( 
            Please note: applying for a DigiD can take up to five working days.
    2.       Select the button ‘’Enrolment application'' which you can see under “My To Do list” or the link ‘’Add new applications'' under ‘’My programmes''
    3.       Fill in the programme details on the form ‘’Enrolment application''
    4.        Under the heading ‘Enrolment moment’ remove the tick next to “Start in the first year”
    5.       Confirm the completed details

    If you submit an application to enrol as a starter in a higher year via Studielink, you will automatically be notified that permission is required from the study programme. Your study programme will receive your request for registration after an interval via studielink,

  • From June onwards, you will receive information from us about your tuition fees and via Studielink, you can indicate how you intend to pay your tuition fees. Please note: you cannot change the method of payment you have opted for via Studielink. If, retrospectively, you would like to change the way you pay your tuition fees, please contact the ESSC.

    For payments via digital authorisation, please follow the step-by-step plan in Studielink.

    If you have indicated you wish to pay in a different way, please go to payment of tuition fees for more information.

  • If your enrolment application still has the status “application submitted” in Studielink, you have not, as yet, been enrolled. You are only enrolled once the status changes to “enrolled''. Your enrolment must have been completed before 1 September. Consequently, in Studielink, you should regularly check your status, the details page of your re-enrolment application as well as the messages you have received from us. If you do not know why your enrolment procedure has not been completed, please contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre in good time.

  • The procedural rules for enrolment at Erasmus University Rotterdam are available on this website.

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