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    PhD Defence M.A (Maria) Coţofan

    M.A (Maria) Coţofan will defend her dissertation entitled: 'Essays in Applied Microeconomics. Non-Monetary Incentives, Skill Formation, and Work Preferences'.

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    Het Miljoenennotagesprek

    Een avond over de relatie tussen overheidsfinanciën en het maatschappelijk geluk.

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    Who benefits from transfers?

    The transfer system in European club football severely restricts the ability of professional players to switch employers.

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    PhD Defence A.J. (Albert Jan) Hummel

    A.J. (Albert Jan) Hummel will defend his dissertation entitled: 'Tax Policy in Imperfect Labor Markets'.

  • The Vehicle Routing Problem with Urgent Stochastic Customers

    Several industries deal with a combination of routine, plannable tasks and incident response