3 out of 5 study programmes with best starting salary economics-oriented

Students of Economics of Taxation, Econometrics, and Accounting can assure themselves of a great starting salary. According to a report from UWV, the Dutch Institute for Employee Insurance, the 5 programmes with the most successful labour market positions are respectively Dentistry, Economics of Taxation, Econometrics, Accounting, and Tax Law.

On the other side of the spectrum, Master's degree students in literature, archaeology, and various cultural studies take a long time to find a job. The available jobs in these areas are often part-time with low salaries. Alumni from Erasmus School of Economics don't have much to worry about. Master students in economics-related areas often find a job in no time, have permanent contracts, and enjoy a relatively high income.

Among graduates of Economics of Taxation, Econometrics and Accounting, the average yearly income is 45,000 euros. Furthermore, about six out of ten students of these studies find a permanent job within the first twelve months after completion of the course. The data for the research comes from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The outcome is not based on a random sample, but on an analysis of all graduates.

More information

The report from UWV can be found here (in Dutch).