The 4-day diary of an economics student

Erasmus School of Economics

After Luc Schneider obtained his Master’s degree (cum laude) in Behavioural Economics at Erasmus School of Economics he finally had time to write his book about his time in Rotterdam. This resulted in ‘The 4-day diary of an economics student’, which gives an insight in Luc’s experience.


The idea for The 4-day diary of an economics student was born from Luc's interactions with firs-year students as a teaching assistant and mentor at Erasmus School of Economics. Through those interactions, he realised how little these students really knew about what to expect from or how to take the most out of their time at university. From there, it evolved into a desire to relate his personal student experiences for prospective, current and old students alike. He wanted to write a book that anyone close to Rotterdam or to university could be inspired by.

The idea was to describe his own journey through each of the four years that he was a student in Rotterdam. It shouldn't focus on a single aspect of being a student, he thought, but rather on everything that he had experienced, good or bad, that influenced the person he became during that time.

The result reflects his unique view on the university, the city and its people. It is the story of a student who came to Rotterdam knowing very little about himself or about the world. It tells the tale of the events that dictated the pace of his student years, while giving the reader a glimpse of the most important things these events taught him. Throughout every one of these experiences, it shows how university changed who he was and the way the perceived the world around him.

About Luc

Luc was born in 1995 and raised by a French father and a Dutch mother. He grew up in Saint Germain-en-Laye, a small city near Paris, where he went to the Lycée International. In 2013, he completed the French baccalaureate with an international option in Dutch, with honours.

Driven by a desire to keep evolving in an international environment, he moved to Rotterdam at 18 years old to pursue an International Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics (IBEB). Despite his lack of background in economics, he quickly immersed himself in the studies, the culture and the people of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University. In his second year, he joined the Erasmus Honours Programme to expand his interdisciplinary knowledge and skillset. In his third year, he completed an exchange at Stockholm University in Sweden.

After his bachelor, Luc continued his studies at Erasmus School of Economics, joining the Behavioural Economics track of the master in Economics and Business. During this master, he realised the importance of new disciplines in behavioural sciences for the future of education and society. After he graduated cum laude in August 2017, this spurred him to apply for a PhD at the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at London School of Economics.

During his time in Rotterdam, he started to truly invest time and effort in his long-existing passion for writing. He started writing in English every day to improve his mastery of the language, until it became his language of choice for most of his pieces. Much of his work can be found on his blog, “Signed L.S.”, where he publishes short stories, poems and essays.

As he starts a new chapter of his life in London, Luc’s ambition is to keep writing to inspire as many people as he can to contribute to the betterment of society, because, in his words: “If my time at university has taught me anything, it is that anyone can change the world, as long as they believe in their ability to do so.”

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