African Business Day 2018: The African Dream

African Business Day: The African Dream

This year’s African Business Day will be under the theme ‘The African Dream’. It takes place on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Science Tower, Rotterdam.

During this year’s event, the Association of Students of African Heritage (ASAH) is sharing ideas on Africa’s social, political and economic future. Furthermore, the African Business Day provides a platform for innovative business solutions that have been implemented by Africans on the continent and abroad, as well as contemporary cultural movements such as ‘Women’s Empowerment’.

Guest speakers are Ada Osakwe (Agrolay Ventures), Tonje Bakang (Afrostream), Minna Salami (MsAfropolitan), Taofick Okoya (Queens of Africa) and Obinna Ukwuani (Makers Academy Africa and XRA). The entire event will be hosted by the face of CNN Africa, Keturah King.

African Business Day: The African Dream

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