Alumna Laura van Geest looks back at 25 years of FEC

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Alumna and Chair of the Executive Board at Autoriteit Financiele Markten, looks back at 25 years of the dutch Financial Expertise Centre in a recent issue of "Het Financieele Dagblad".

Created due to Operation Clickfonds

The Financial Expertise Centre is a collaborative effort between the different Financial Institutes in the Netherlands, the main goal of the FEC is to help the institutions work together to fight Financial Criminality. But the FEC was actually created due to an accident. In 1997 during Operation Clickfonds the Tax Authorities were doing raids on suspects of different financial crimes, what they did not know was that the Dutch Central Bank had already laid sanctions on these suspects. The then Dutch Minister of Finance Found it unacceptable that government institutions did not know what other institutions were doing and so the Financial Expertise Centre was created.

Laura van Geest

Erasmus School of Economics Alumna of 1989 Laura van Geest has just been reappointed as Chair of the of the Executive Board at  "Autoriteit Financiele Markten", the institution that is responsible for supervising the Dutch Financial Markets and one of the stakeholders in the FEC. She has held this position since 2020 and will now hold it till 2028. In the article by "Het Financieele Dagblad" van Geest looks back at the time before the FEC and what has been accomplished since. She also mentions that there will always be a trade off between protecting people's privacy and being more effective in tackling financial criminality.

More information

The article (04/02) in dutch by "Het Financieele Dagblad" can be found here.

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