Alumni Day 2022

On 6 April 2022, Erasmus School of Economics, had its annual alumni day. A day full of Inspiration was followed by a lovely dinner on the Erasmus campus.

After two years of absence, due to COVID-19, the annual Erasmus School of Economics Alumni Day in partnership with the EFR Inspiration Days finally took place again on 6 April 2022. This year’s theme of the Inspiration Days was ‘Dare to decide!' This theme was supported by three pillars: courage, focus and evolve.


The day started with the opening session by Klaas Knot, the president of the Dutch Central Bank, who gave an inspiring speech on his academic and career path. Klaas Knot emphasized the importance of horizontal movements in the early years of your career, as you can learn a lot from different companies and therefore appreciate the different perspectives in your profession. Broadening your scope will create a solid foundation.

Furthermore, another highlight of the day was the workshop of Dick Swaab (Neurobiologist and brain researcher). Dick Swaab enlightened us amongst other things with his research of brain scans in relation to finding a long-term partner. If you are looking for the perfect employee, you better have Dick Swaab on your side, as he can reveal the common five personality treats through brain scans.

Innovation playground

Before moving to the closing session, there was an innovation playground, where alumni and students could test out some of the most innovative concepts currently on the market, including virtual reality.

Moreover, the plenary closing included Sigrid Kaag (Minister of Finance), Frank van Sprang (Inspector General of the Dutch Armed Forces), Sylvia van Es (President Philips Netherlands), and Hans Honig (CEO Deloitte Netherlands). The diverse backgrounds made for a remarkable conversation, and many high-profile topics that are often in the news.

Dinner at the Paviljoen

Finally, after a day of being inspired, the alumni went to the Erasmus Paviljoen where they enjoyed a lovely dinner. Our dean Patrick Groenen and President of the Erasmus Alumni Club, Willem Jan Rote, shared some nice views with the alumni. Thank you to all alumni for coming and see you next year!

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