Alumnus and CEO Saxo Bank Nederland Saskia Klep - ‘The student life was fantastic’

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Alumnus Saskia Klep, the CEO of the investment bank Saxo Nederland, is interviewed in the Elsevier on her career path.

After graduating from Erasmus School of Economics in 1996, Saskia Klep started as a private banker at Van Lanschot. In 2011, she became director of private banking at InsingerGilissen and, as of 2019, director of the Dutch branch of Danish Saxo Bank. 

On studying in Rotterdam Klep comments: “The student life was fantastic. It's the time when you really grow up, and also develop real friendships.” Klep argues that it is an absolute shame that students now have such a tight schedule, because she thinks it is very educational to have time for other things alongside studying and obtaining your diploma. Klep conducted her thesis research on subcontracting in South Africa at Stellenbosch University. If you are interested in the entire article please feel free to read more via this link.


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Saskia Klep graduated from Erasmus School of Economics in 1996.

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