Alumnus Robert Swaak - 'I didn't come up with the idea to become CEO of ABN Amro myself'

The relatively unknown accountant Robert Swaak starts today with his new role as CEO of ABN Amro, out of his study. Swaak on introductions with clients and staff members: 'I will have to do it out from behind my computer screen for now.'

Today he succeeds Van Dijkhuizen during the general members assembly. Swaak's appointment comes at a difficult time for ABN Amro. Even before the corona crisis the bank was facing plenty of challenges: waning stock prices, an investigation by the public persecutor regarding failing money laundering policies and a revenue model that is hollowed out as a result of low interest rates. 

On the question whether this raised his doubts whether to take the job or not: 'Not at all. I  wanted my next job to be socially relevant and complex.'



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Robert Swaak graduated from Erasmus School of Economics in 1988.