Award for PhD candidate Uwe Thuemmel

Uwe Thuemmel, PhD candidate at the Tinbergen Institute

PhD candidate Uwe Thuemmel has won the 2018 Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award for the best paper with his research on the optimal taxation of robots. The price was awarded during the CESifo Area Conference on Public Sector Economics.

Uwe Thuemmel is a PhD student at the Tinbergen Institute. He studies the impact of technological change on the economy, in particular on income inequality and employment- as well as implications for policy. His supervisors are Prof. Bas Jacobs and Dr Björn Brügemann. For a short introduction to Uwe Thuemmel’s research about robot taxation, check out In his article, titled ‘The added value of a robot tax’, Thuemmel assesses whether it is time for governments to introduce a robot tax.