Bas Karreman first Director of Engagement at Erasmus School of Economics

Erasmus School of Economics

As of 1 September 2022 last, Dr Bas Karreman is the first Director of Engagement at Erasmus School of Economics. As Director of Engagement, he is the central point of contact and figurehead for the social impact of the school, he is the link with the companies affiliated to Erasmus School of Economics and he advises the school’s Management Team on social impact.

Karreman will focus on coordinating and monitoring school activities related to societal impact, and building an impact community, including alumni and academic, public, and private stakeholders.

Bas Karreman is highly motivated to start: 'Given the current zeitgeist, it is becoming increasingly important to communicate well how the Erasmus School of Economics makes a social contribution through research and education. I would like to commit myself to transferring the social importance of the research and teaching activities that we have built up within the school to external stakeholders and to establish new contacts with academic, public and private organisations that may in turn contribute to groundbreaking research and educational innovations.’

As Director of Engagement, Bas Karreman also wants to commit to facilitating employees: 'When building an impact community, I think it’s important to help employees within the school, who want to pay more attention to the social impact of their research or education, to realise their ambitions.’ However, the role that Karreman sees for himself also concerns the integration of new insights from practice: not only many students, but also staff members are interested in examples, issues and applications from practice, to integrate into teaching or research. ‘I hope that with an impact community we can realise this ambition and facilitate practical expertise.'

About Bas Karreman

Bas Karreman is an associate professor of Organisation & Strategy in the department of Applied Economics. He has been affiliated with Erasmus School of Economics since 2005. As a researcher, he focuses on empirical research into the investment strategies of multinationals in emerging markets. He has previously held policy positions as the Academic Skills Programme Coordinator and Director of the Tutor Academy. He is also a member of the editorial board of Erasmus Magazine and a liaison with both the Erasmus University China Center and the Sustainability Network of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Associate professor

Bas Karreman, Associate Professor of Organisation & Strategy

More information

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Media & Public Relations officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, +31 6 53 641 846.

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