Can bankers be more ethical and integer?

Job Harms

The way to make bankers more ethical and customer oriented has not yet been found. This is shown by research conducted by Job Harms, who obtained his PhD thesis at Erasmus School of Economics on 14 June 2018. His research was discussed on BNR nieuwsradio, 12 June 2018.

With his research Harms has created a program in cooperation with a bank. This program consists of a weekly meeting in which is discussed what will be done and what the goals of that week will be. The most important element of these meetings are discussing ethical dilemmas. In this way, integrity in bankers is stimulated. Which could lead them to act more honestly during a conversation with a customer and act in the interests of the customer.

For more information listen to the entire fragment (in Dutch) on BNR Nieuwsradio, 12 June 2018.


Read more about Harms research in an article of Erasmus University Rotterdam or take a look at the video below.


Ethics programmes are ineffective in nudging bank employees towards ethical behaviour

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