Can you lie better than your parents?

Research about lying, at Utrecht University and Erasmus School of Economics, has been nominated for the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs 2020. The research was conducted by computer scientist Ronald Poppe and legal psychologist Sophie van der Zee (Erasmus School of Economics) among almost 700 test subjects and their friends and family. What makes a good liar? Are good liars also better at recognising lies in another person?

As of today, children (and adults) are allowed to vote for one of the ten nominees (In Dutch, the research is called 'Kun jij beter liegen dan je ouders?') 

Everybody lies

Lying has a negative connotation and is often difficult to discuss, according to Poppe and Van der Zee. However, people lie twice a day on average, and babies learn early on that they can influence their parents by crying. With their research, the scientists have playfully made lying discussable within the participating families. The research is not yet complete. Poppe and Van der Zee are currently writing a scientific article about their findings.

More information

The winner will be announced on November 15th during the junior opening of the InScience International Film Festival in Nijmegen.

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