Econometric Career Days start with grand opening on Tuesday 12 November

Tuesday 12 November marks the start of the seventh edition of the biggest on-campus recruiting event for econometrics students in the Netherlands, the Econometric Career Days (ECD). This event is organised by FAECTOR, the school association for econometrics students of Erasmus School of Economics. With over 1,900 members, FAECTOR is the largest and most prestigious association for econometrics students worldwide.

For years and years, the ECD connects highly motivated econometrics and operations research students with potential employers. During this multiple day event, more than 25 companies participate and give a little peek into the future of an econometrics student.

ECD’s chair Koen Pethke: ‘This career event is a perfect opportunity for students to get in contact with various companies, to expand their network and explore all the possibilities that are ahead of them. The overall activities of the ECD range from cases, workshops and off-campus activities to informal activities and company dinners.’

Grand opening in the Erasmus Pavilion

The Econometric Career Days take off with a grand opening at the Erasmus Pavilion on Tuesday 12 November. Keynote speakers are Prof. Alexander Rinnooy Kan (former director of the Econometric Institute and Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam), Jabine van der Meijs (Vice President & CFO of Royal Schiphol Group) and Karl Guha (CEO Van Lanschot Kempen).

Rotterdam is the place where modern Econometrics was born at the acclaimed Econometric Institute of Erasmus School of Economics, cofounded in 1956 by Nobel laureate Jan Tinbergen. FAECTOR and Erasmus School of Economics provide a solid background for econometrics students to kick-off a great career.