Economists Matthijs Korevaar and Phyllis Wan new members of Young Erasmus Academy

Associate Professor Matthijs Korevaar and Assistant Professor Phyllis Wan of Erasmus School of Economics have been appointed as members of Young Erasmus Academy, a network of young talented researchers, by analogy with The Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Their appointment is for a period of five years.

The aim of Young Erasmus Academy is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between young, excellent scientists. In addition, Young Erasmus Academy advises the Executive Board on policy matters and the aim of Young Erasmus Academy is to contribute to strengthening the university's profile in the public domain. 

Patrick Groenen, Dean of Erasmus School of Economics, is pleased with the appointment of Matthijs Korevaar and Phyllis Wan: ‘Matthijs and Phyllis are highly talented scholars and are keen to contribute constructively to Young Erasmus Academy and therefore the university community.’

Showcase the value of scientific work to society

As a member of the Young Erasmus Academy, Matthijs Korevaar likes to set up a working group within the Science & Society theme to investigate how the university can better equip and incentivise researchers to use their own work and expertise to make a difference locally. Korevaar: ‘In my own field, I have sensed both from policymakers and senior colleagues that engaging in Dutch policy debates has become less prevalent for new generations of economists. This sentiment might also be shared in other fields. Given the critical discussions about university internationalisation in politics, I think it is important that the university does whatever it can to show how research at the international frontier ultimately benefits the city and Dutch society.’

Conversations about the human factors in academic careers

Phyllis Wan would like to contribute to the Young Erasmus Academy by setting up a platform to host conversations about the human factors in academic careers.  Wan: ‘As academics, we are described on paper by our titles, publications and awards.  However, what is often buried behind a CV is an unspoken narrative on detours, insecurities and rejections, with prevalent factors such as imposter syndromes, expectations and work-life balance.  These are the narratives that we can resonate with and learn from across domains.'

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For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Media and Public Relations Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, +31 6 53 641 846.

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