Erasmus School of Economics alumnus Roland Booijen swaps established banking sector for fintech

Alumnus Roland Booijen, the man who enriched the Netherlands with Tikkie, is switching from the established banking sector to fintech Backbase.

Alumnus Roland Booijen graduated from Erasmus School of Economics in 2005 with a master’s degree in economics and informatics. In an article from “het Financiele Dagblad” it is stated that even though Booijen does not claim to be the inventor of Tikkie, the ABN Amro manager made sure that Tikkie triumphed over the other payment apps.

After almost seventeen years at ABN Amro, Booijen joined financial technology company Backbase last month. The Dutch grown-up helps banks and other financial institutions to digitalize. Furthermore, Backbase works together with other fintechs to create a completely digital bank. If you are interested in the entire article, please feel free to read more via this link.

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Roland Booijen graduated from Erasmus School of Economics in 2005.

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