Want to apply for the 53rd board? Feel free to contact one of the current board members for a cup of coffee on what a board year at FAECTOR is like!

Are you ready for the most amazing year of your student life? Apply now for the 53rd board of FAECTOR! During this full time year, you will develop yourself in terms of organisational and management skills, cooperating with your fellow board members and going through the steepest learning curve you have ever experienced! Want to know more about a board year at FAECTOR? Have a look at our website or have a coffee with one of the current board members! The application deadline is on 7 April. You can apply by filling in this form.

It’s important to note that there are other application deadlines in the month of April. Want to do an internship and experience an incredible trip during the summer? Be sure to apply for the FAECTOR Research Project 2018-2019. The deadline to apply is on 6 April. You can find the application form on this webpage.

Are you going all in or do you rather play safe and have some drinks? Whatever your preference is, you can show your skills on our classy night out on 9 April. It will be a night of playing, drinking and having fun with your friends, which you can look back on (despite all the beers) since we will provide a photo booth where you can put your game face to rest. Subscribe here!

Join us on 9 April for the FAECTOR Company Dinner! This dinner will give you the opportunity to get into touch with ABN AMRO and PwC in an informal way. While enjoying a three course dinner, you can ask all of your questions and discuss your opportunities with the recruiters of these companies. Subscribe here!

Agenda of the upcoming events in the month of April:

  • 6: Alumni Drink on Campus
  • 6: Application deadline FAECTOR Research Project
  • 7: Application deadline 53rd Board of FAECTOR
  • 7: Application deadline Supervisory Board of FAECTOR
  • 9: Classy Night Out
  • 10: Company Dinner with ABN Amro and PwC
  • 10: Dies Natalis FAECTOR
  • 11: Mathworks Workshop
  • 12: Info Session double Master Programme
  • 20: Master and Recent Graduates Activity
  • 28 April - 5 May: Business Trip to Seoul

For more information about FAECTOR, go to our website www.faector.nl or Facebook page. If your time as a student is coming to an end and you are looking for a new challenge, or if you would like to develop your skills in a more practical way, go to our vacancy website www.econometrie.com. To make sure that you stay in contact with your study friends, have a look at our alumni association RECNET. If you have any questions or remarks, please send an e-mail to info@faector.nl.