March is filled with big social events, like the Active Members Weekend and the City Trip. Besides that, the first Board Interest Drink will take place on 22 March!

One of the highlights of February was the LED (National Econometricians Day) that took place in Nieuwegein. More than 45 companies active in various fields of econometrics, operations research, finance and actuarial sciences were present to present the various career opportunities to students. Throughout the day, students participated in company cases, a lunch, a networking drink and a recruitment dinner. FAECTOR was well represented as more than a third of all students came from Rotterdam!

For the lucky ones, there’s not one, but two trips with FAECTOR in March! On the 9th, all of the Active Members will go to the picturesque Dwingeloo for the always legendary Active Members Weekend! Afterwards, there’s a couple of days to recover and catch up on your study, before we step on a plane to Warsaw, where the yearly City Trip will take place. With a group of 60 FAECTORians we’re going to discover the city and all that it has to offer.

Already frustrated about the new block? This is your opportunity to get rid of your frustrations and attack each other during a spectacular night of laser tag. On 21 March, you will have the opportunity to play two rounds of laser tag for only 10 euros. Don’t hesitate any longer and sign up now on our website!

Interested in applying for a Board Year? For the 52nd board it feels like the year has only just started, but time flies and the first Board Interest Drink is already on Thursday 22 March. Make sure to mark this date in your calendar!

We understand that you’ve studied hard for the exams of the third block. That’s why you’ve deserved a nice relaxing night! Come join us on the After Exam Drink on 8 March at Eetcafé Concordia. As always, beer, wine and soda for only 50 cents! See you then!

For more information about FAECTOR, go to our website www.faector.nl or Facebook page. If your time as a student is coming to an end and you are looking for a new challenge, or if you would like to develop your skills in a more practical way, go to our vacancy website www.econometrie.com. To make sure that you stay in contact with your study friends, have a look at our alumni association RECNET. If you have any questions or remarks, please send an e-mail to info@faector.nl.