First ever preferendum on climate change: 91% of youth sees climate change as serious problem

Over 10,000 youth gave their opinion in the first-ever worldwide preferendum on climate change. Initiated by State of Youth and founded by KidsRights, the preferendum was facilitated by Erasmus School of Economics. 

91% of youth agree: climate change is a serious problem and needs to be tackled as soon as possible. They voted on 16 sets of potential climate change policies of which the following 3 were ranked at the top (from 

  1. Clean production: companies should use sustainable energy and reduce their pollution.
  2. Strict laws: governments should strengthen their laws (or implementations thereof) to stop pollution.
  3. Less waste: consumers should be able to recycle all that is possible.

The outcome of the preferendum was sent to world leaders yesterday by State of Youth, calling on them to act on the views and concerns of youth on climate change.


KidsRights is an international Children's Rights Foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2003, KidsRights awards the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize and also publishes the first and only global yearly index on children’s rights, the KidsRights Index.

Close collaboration between KidsRights and Erasmus School of Economics

For several years now, Erasmus School of Economics has been involved in the realisation of the annual KidsRights Index, and the School is proud to be actively involved in this new initiative of KidsRights as well. Faculty members Prof. Dinand Webbink and Dr. Job Harms, have played key roles in the development of the preferendum and its online survey tool.

Prof. Dr. Dinand Webbink
Dr. Job Harms
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Read the full news item on, 5 December 2019. 

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