Former student and Nobel Prize winner Guido Imbens interviewed in NRC Business Journal

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Erasmus School of Economics

On July 22 2022, NRC Business Journal published an interview with former Erasmus School of Economics student and Nobel Prize winner Guido Imbens. In the article, Professor Imbens describes what it is like to win the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Furthermore, Imbens talks about his academic career and his great inspiration: Late Erasmus School of Economics Professor Jan Tinbergen.

Guido Imbens visits Erasmus School of Economics

Guido Imbens regularly visits his alma mater. Such was the case on June 30, 2022. During that day he gave an inspirational lecture wherein he discussed the importance of asking the right question and how to study causal effects in real world data sets. You can rewatch the lecture below!

Lecture by Nobel Prize winner and former ESE student Guido Imbens

Nobel Prize laureate

Dutch American Guido Imbens, Professor of Economics and Professor of Applied Econometrics at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Businesswas awarded the Nobel Prize along with his colleague Joshua Angrist for their research in the mid-1990s into the possibility of so-called natural experiments to explain causal connections. The title of their award-winning research is 'methodological contribution to analysis of causal relationships'.

Guido Imbens is an alumnus of Erasmus School of Economics. He studied Econometrics in Rotterdam from which he graduated in 1983. After that he continued his research career in the United States.

About the lecture

In his lecture, Professor Imbens began with a short history of econometrics. Where he talked about the gradual move from randomized control trials towards leveraging sophisticated methods to identify causal effects from observational data. He continued with discussing some famous examples of econometricians identifying causal relationships in observational data. After his insightful lecture, Jonah Bol, Commissioner of Internal Affairs for study association AEclipse, interviewed Professor Imbens. They discussed Imbens’ time in Rotterdam and the influence Erasmus School of Economics and Professor Jan Tinbergen (1969 Nobel Prize winner) had on his career. By the end of the interview, the audience had the opportunity to ask their questions to the Nobel Prize laureate.

More information

For the full item from NRC Business Journal, click here (in Dutch).

© Andrew Brodhead, Stanford University (header photo)

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Lecture by Nobel prize laureate and former student Guido Imbens

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