How Data Science can serve accountants and auditors

De ESE Accounting Events zijn een groot succes

Critical remarks have been towards accountants and auditors for overlooking information that would have pointed out some misbehaviour in companies. These have led to the discussion on how this could happen and how to solve this problem. At Erasmus Quantitative Intelligence (EQI), affiliated with Erasmus School of Economics, experts work on these kind of problems and on data projects to solve other particular business problems.


Besides, EQI shares knowledge in their executive programs and post-initial courses. Professor Cees van Halem, Director of EQI, and Dr Kristiaan Glorie, programme manager at EQI, were interviewed on the topic of the increasing use of data science and the potential value for accountants and auditors.

More information

You can find the interview at the website of the Erasmus Institute for Business Economics (EIBE), in Dutch only.