How useful theology is to the economy

Bovenberg and vanGeest
Erasmus School of Economics

Theology will be given an official place at Erasmus University Rotterdam from 1 November 2019. The new institute will be part of Erasmus School of Economics and operates on the cutting edge of theology and economics. ‘Because the wisdom of theology is also indispensable for economic education’, according to theologian Paul van Geest and economists Lans Bovenberg. InTrouw they talked about their joint inaugural lecture, which will also take place on Friday, 1 November.

Such a joint inaugural lecture is a special occasion for two professors in different fields. But these fields have a lot to do with each other, according to Van Geest and Bovenberg. According to the Catholic theologian Van Geest, theology is 'indispensable' for the economy, as does Bovenberg. ‘Even non-Christian economists can benefit greatly from the wisdom of the humanities – theology.’

‘Unfortunately, since its founder, Adam Smith, the economy has developed in an individualistic direction, with man as homo-economists: the autonomous man who is satisfied with himself, who is rational’, says Bovenberg. ‘But you can also see the economy from the point of view of the importance of cooperation.’

More information

Read the entire interview of Trouw, 29 October 2019 (in Dutch).

The news about the theological institute in Trouw, 29 October 2019, can be downloaded above (in Dutch).

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