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Hi! My name is Cecilia, 22 years old. I am originally from the North of Italy. However, I have been living in the Netherlands for more than 3 years now as I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Economics specialising in Economics at Maastricht University. This September, I started my master’s degree in Economics and Business specialising in Policy Economics.

Why did you choose this study programme?

Throughout my bachelor’s degree, I have developed a strong interest in public economics, as well as policy analysis and evaluation. Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I recognised my desire to transition into a career that would enable me to use economics to help policymakers solve today’s complex challenges. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam emerged as an ideal choice, being among the top-ranking universities in Europe offering a specialised master’s programme in Policy Economics. 

Several aspects of the MSc in Policy Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam stood out to me. These include its application-oriented approach, the flexibility to choose from a variety of interesting electives, and the distinguished professors contributing to the programme. Furthermore, I was happy to continue my education in the Netherlands, having particularly enjoyed the Dutch practical education system and vibrant international environment during my bachelor’s studies.

What is your favourite subject and/or favorite teacher?

My favourite subjects so far were/are Advanced Public Economics, Policy Issues in Public Spending on Education, Health and Labour, and Seminar Cases in Policy Evaluation (which I am currently taking). Throughout the first two courses, I examined some of the complex issues faced by today’s policymakers, including inequalities in income and opportunities, rising healthcare expenditure, and the need for inclusive and effective educational reforms.  Moreover, in the seminar cases, I am acquiring knowledge on diverse approaches to conducting policy research, drawing from recent cases in policy evaluation. 

What is the most interesting you learned so far?

What I enjoy the most about the programme is its comprehensive blend of theory, application, and empirics. Throughout the first two blocks, I have strengthened my theoretical knowledge in applied econometrics, public economics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. Furthermore, since the second block, I have engaged with existing research in public economics and worked on different empirical assignments (both individually and in a team). This enabled me to sharpen my analytical skills, specifically honing my expertise in policy evaluation and applied microeconomics. 

What is your favorite study-break spot on campus?

inside a cafe with a counter and a row of barstools
Cafe in de Smitse

After a busy day on campus or a long week filled with assignments, my friends and I really enjoy meeting at Café in de Smitse, the campus bar, to relax, have a drink, and spend some time together. Furthermore, as a fitness enthusiast, I love going to Erasmus Sport’s new gym. 

What is your best tip for doing fun things in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a very interesting city, with plenty of things to do and places to explore. 

I really like the city centre with all its nice bars and restaurants. Additionally, my favourite spot in Rotterdam is Kralingse Bos, the largest park in the city. I particularly enjoy going for long walks around the lake and through the surrounding forest. Moreover, during the summer, my friends and I used to love going to the beach in front of the lake to relax and play beach volleyball.

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