Kirsten Rohde succeeds Enrico Pennings as Vice Dean and Director of Research at Erasmus School of Economics

Erasmus School of Economics

As of 1 September 2022, Professor Kirsten Rohde succeeds Professor Enrico Pennings as Vice Dean and Director of Research at Erasmus School of Economics. Rohde’s appointment also results in taking over Pennings’ associate directorship at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). This appointment will take effect on 1 April 2022.

Dean Patrick Groenen is pleased with the upcoming appointment of Kirsten Rohde: ‘I trust the addition of Kirsten to our Management Team ensures further continuation of our strong research portfolio. Her talents will benefit the various challenges we are facing. These are, amongst others, the further development and implementation of the School’s Recognition & Rewards policy, Open Science and Open Access, exploring collaborative grants and interdisciplinarity, and strengthening our research support via ERIM 2.0.’

Kirsten is very motivated to take up the role of Vice Dean and Director of Research: ‘I think my personal vision and interests are well aligned with some of the current developments in academia. First, the current financial pressure on our School and Dutch universities in general, make it increasingly important to pay attention to effectively and efficiently balancing the various ambitions we have as a school in terms of research, teaching, and social impact. I would like to contribute to maintaining a good research climate with sufficient resources and facilities to do groundbreaking research at Erasmus School of Economics.’

Another current development that fits well with Rohde’s personal vision is Open Science: ‘Through Open Science we can avoid researchers “reinventing the wheel”, such that they can spend their time on innovative matters.’ Considering the financial pressure on Dutch universities, it will also become increasingly important to acquire external research funding. Rohde: ‘By building strong teams, with good team dynamics, I hope we can enable these teams to acquire the required external funding. And in all of these matters I consider it very important to not only consider our own ambitions as a school, but also how they relate to the broader systems we operate in, at university, national and international level.’

Patrick Groenen expresses his thanks to Enrico Pennings for his dedication and valuable work as Vice Dean of Erasmus School of Economics. ‘Enrico has always had a clear vision on the research strategy of the school. He has been a strong advocate for facilities that support high quality research, both within Erasmus School of Economics, but also when representing our school, for example, at the level of Erasmus University Rotterdam.’

About Kirsten Rohde

Kirsten Rohde, who has been with Erasmus School of Economics since 2006, is Professor of Behavioural Economics. She is a researcher with a broad interest, and she participates in different research and managerial areas. With respect to the latter, she for instance has been head of the Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship group and deputy director of the department of Applied Economics, member of the School’s Council for Appointments and Promotions (CBBA) and she has participated in the EUR professorial committee on developing the new professorial policy.

More information

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communications Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, mobile phone: +31 6 53641 846.

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