Labour shortages continue to increase; Jan van Ours explains

Erasmus School of Economics

Labour shortages continue to increase. Rotterdam the Hague Airport currently experiences a labour shortage of 50%, and employees appear to remain unfindable. How did this happen? Jan van Ours, Professor of Applied Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, shares his knowledge in the Algemeen Dagblad (July 14 2022).

The Professor touches upon several potential mechanisms. During the COVID pandemic a lot of individuals withdrew themselves from the labour market. People were mandated to work from home, and some found it more convenient to stop working completely.

Further on, van Ours explains why this situation is so extraordinary. For the first time in almost 60 years there are more vacancies than unemployed. He reasons that this might have something to do with the generous financial support the government provided during the pandemic. Businesses that would not have survived in normal times, continued to operate thanks to the financial support.

There are also opportunities, the Professor argues. The shortage creates many job opportunities for individuals. If you are doubting about changing jobs or working more hours, then now is the time to seize the opportunity.

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For the whole item by Algemeen Dagblad, 14 July 2022, click here (in Dutch).

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