Lishen Leijen appointed Privacy Officer at Erasmus School of Economics

Lishen Leijen, Privacy Officer at Erasmus School of Economics

As of 1 July 2018 Lishen Leijen will take up the position of Privacy Officer at Erasmus School of Economics. As the European Privacy Laws (GPDR) will come into force from 25 May 2018, Lishen Leijen will be responsible for implementing and overseeing compliance with the data privacy laws, safeguarding existing data assets and managing possible data protection risk.

This also includes the development of internal standards and regulations regarding data privacy, and setting up privacy workshops for staff members. She will act as the first point of contact for all privacy-related matters within the School and will be in close contact with the Central Information Office at university level.

Lishen Leijen is looking forward to her new job: ‘I am very excited to do my utmost best in getting (and retaining) Erasmus School of Economics GDPR-proof. As we quickly approach 25 May, I believe it’s a very good thing that your privacy will be better protected from that date onwards. On the other hand, this also means that we, as a supporting staff member, researcher or teacher, should be more careful with the privacy of others. Although I am a strong believer of better privacy protection, I also believe that regulations such as the GDPR should not get in the way of your daily work. I therefore see it as a great challenge to find the right balance between data privacy compliance and making it workable for everyone at Erasmus School of Economics.’

What to expect next?

The GDPR prescribes that all processes that make use of personal data need to be identified and registered. From July onwards Lishen Leijen will start with an inventory of all data processing activities at Erasmus School of Economics. The inventory starts with interviews amongst the support staff (on the “sixth floor”). The persons involved will be informed beforehand. The inventory of data processing activities of the departments and research staff will follow later on. After the inventory all processes will be registered and assessed for potential data protection risks.

Privacy workshop at the ESE-bility day

On 7 June 2018 a privacy workshop will be organized at the ESE-bility day for those who wish to learn more about the GDPR. Two parallel sessions will be organized: one for support staff and the other for faculty members. If you wish to know more about what the GDPR entails, it is highly recommended to sign up for the workshop. The registration form for the ESE-bility day will soon become available. 

About Lishen Leijen

Prior to joining Erasmus School of Economics, Lishen worked at TU Delft on the implementation of Research Data Management within one of the departments. Last year, she started at Erasmus School of Economics as PhD officer at the Research Office.  Lishen holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies and has a strong personal interest in the implications of digitalisation and Web 2.0. 

More information

Should you have any questions concerning privacy, don’t hesitate to contact Lishen Leijen directly via