MOOC Econometrics hits milestone with 1,000 online course completers

The MOOC ‘Econometrics: Methods and Applications’ of Erasmus School of Economics has reached a milestone with 1,000 learners who have completed the online course. Currently it is by far the most successful open access, online education course of Erasmus University Rotterdam.



Three years after the launch the MOOC Econometrics has attracted over 85,000 enrollees from all over the world, to explore the fascinating world of econometrics and learn how to analyse and solve business and economic questions with data analysis tools. The MOOC Econometrics is based on a globally successful Oxford UP Textbook and is taught by award winning teachers of the Econometric Institute of Erasmus School of Economics. On average it takes six weeks to complete the course on the Coursera platform.

Boost to studies or career

The MOOC is particularly interesting to students with an advanced undergraduate level in business, economics or engineering, and for those who work in business, management and data analysis. Unique about this MOOC is the emphasis on the practical application of econometric theories, which will help learners to get hands-on experience and will be of great help in their further studies or career.

With econometric knowledge, someone is able to translate data into models to make forecasts and to support decision making in a wide variety of fields, ranging from macroeconomics to finance and marketing. By watching videos, making quizzes and exercises, learners study topics like regression, probability, binary choice data and model specification.

Econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Econometric Institute of Erasmus School of Economics was the first research institute in the field of econometrics in the world. It was founded by Henri Theil and Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen in 1956. Nowadays Erasmus School of Economics is home to no less than 900 bachelor and master students in Econometrics and Operations Research.

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