Nine in ten consider themselves happy

Ruut Veenhoven, who is affiliated with the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization of Erasmus University Rotterdam

On Monday 19 March 2018 Ruut Veenhoven, a professor at Erasmus School of Economics and a researcher at Erasmus Happiness Research Organization, gave an interview for NPO Radio following the report of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). In the interview Veenhoven mentions several happiness factors such as living in a well-organized country and having a good mental health, and how these differ per country.

Nearly nine in ten Dutch adults say they are happy; 3 percent say they are unhappy. The percentage of people that consider themselves happy has been stable since 2013. Those in work are more likely to be happy than benefit recipients. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports these figures today, on the International Day of Happiness. The research is based on a survey on well-being and social cohesion, conducted in 2017 among more than 7 thousand people in the Netherlands.

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