Registration exams block 4

Aanmelden tentamens blok 4

Registration for examinations of block 4 opens on 20 March. Do not forget to register before 9 April! We would like to remind you that you can register via Osiris up to 7 days prior to the exam.

If you fail to register during this period, you can still register during the late registration period at the ESSC. This can be done up to two working days in advance, at a handling fee of €20 per exam.

For those who missed this second deadline as well, there is the option to register via the ESE web shop or at the Education Service Center (H6-02) up and until the day the examination takes place. The handling fee is €20 per exam. If your examination ends after 4PM or takes place on a Saturday, payment must take place on the following working day at the latest.