Renovation of Tinbergen Building

Tinbergen building - impression

The Tinbergen building (previously the H-building) is due to undergo an extensive renovation that will have great impact on all employees of the Erasmus School of Economics (click here for the architect's video). Due to this renovation of the Tinbergen building, Erasmus School of Economics will be relocating to temporary sites starting this week.

Most departments of Erasmus School of Economics will be relocated to E- and N-building, between 7 and 17 December. Everyone moving to the E-building will be relocated in the weekend of 8 and 9 December, everyone going to the N-building will be relocated in the weekend of 15 and 16 December. Study associations EFR and Faector will move to the G building on Tuesday 11 December. FEI bv has moved to the Bayle building on Thursday 29 November.


The floors of E- and N-building will be occupied in roughly the way shown below.


  • ET (lowest floor): Econometrics
  • EB (main entrance level): Education Service Center, Education Management (without tutor academy), Secretarial offices, Administration Tinbergen Institute
  • E1 (first floor): Economics, AAC (Business Economics)
  • E2 (second floor): Business Economics (Finance & Marketing), Tutor Academy (Education Management)


  • NT (lowest floor): Study associations
  • NB (main entrance level): Study associations
  • N1 (first floor): Applied Economics
  • N2 (second floor): Applied Economics
  • N3 (third floor): Applied Economics
  • N4 (fourth floor): Applied Economics
  • N5 (fifth floor): Administration Office ESE
More information

For more information about the relocation, please contact project manager Danielle van Zwan (