Rotterdam is growing strongly, but the recovery has two faces

Frank van Oort, Professor of regional and urban economics at Erasmus School of Economics

On 15 February 2018, the Economical Survey of Rotterdam 2018 ('Economische Verkenning Rotterdam', abbreviated as EVR) was presented by the Municipality of Rotterdam in collaboration with various partners. The EVR gives an insight on how the economy of Rotterdam is developing, through different agles. Frank van Oort, professor of Urban & Regional Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, has made his contribution by writing 3 essays.

In the EVR 2018 Frank van Oort amongst others concludes that the economy of Rotterdam is growing strongly, but that this recovery has two faces. The centre and adjacent neighbourhoods are becoming domains for the higher educated, with a lot of job creation.

Below you can find the article from Het Financieele Dagblad of 16 February 2018 and some of the essays in EVR 2018 (both in Dutch).