Steven van Rijswijk appointed as CEO of ING

Steven van Rijswijk. Photo by Marieke van der Velden.

Steven van Rijswijk, alumnus of Erasmus School of Economics, will succeed Ralph Hamers as CEO of ING as of 1 July 2020.

Steven studied Business Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. He started at ING in 1995, where he worked at different departments. In 2012, he became globally responsible for the largest corporate customers. Since 2017 Van Rijswijk is member of the Board of Directors as head of risk management.

His appointment can count on broad acclaim. “At the moment he is the best candidate for the position”, says analyst Jason Kalamboussis of Belgian bank KBC, noting the negative consequences of the Corona crisis. “He knows the bank, the numbers and the risks well. Now you need that stability.”

Looking forward, Van Rijswijk mentioned that it is “not obvious” that he will radically change the course. According to the Supervisory Board, the new CEO has played an important part in strengthening the gatekeeper’s role of ING. Van Rijswijk says that ING has “an important role to play” in combatting financial-economic crime.

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Steven van Rijswijk graduated from Erasmus School of Economics in 1994.