The unique top sports ecosystem of Rotterdam

Het Algemeen Dagblad
Thomas Peeters

In an article written by Het Algemeen Dagblad, Thomas Peeters, Associate Professor and sports economist at Erasmus School of Economics elaborates on the unique sports ecosystem of Rotterdam. 

On 17 May 2024, Rotterdam will possibly get assigned an amazing opportunity. On that specific day the FIFA will announce the host of the Women’s World Cup in 2027. According to Peeters there is a significant chance that the Netherlands will be a host. 

The facilities in Rotterdam to accommodate top sport are very good. Every year there are many events being hosted in Rotterdam. These events might cost money, but the increased tourism in Rotterdam will also support many businesses and thus create income flows. Rotterdam is especially equipped to facilitate big tournaments of smaller global sports, like gymnastics. For those events there aren’t many new investments necessary, as Rotterdam already has that sport infrastructure.

Associate professor
Thomas Peeters, Associate Professor at Erasmus School of Economics
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You can read the full article of Het Algemeen Dagblad, 29 January 2024, here.

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