Update Renovation and Relocation to E and N #6

Tinbergen building - impression

As mentioned in the previous update, currently there is a EUR-wide tender being executed/pending regarding all the so-called loose furniture the EUR uses. On Thursday 12 July a group of Erasmus School of Economics colleagues will test and assess a set-up of various suppliers of loose furniture. Our project manager Danielle will guide and record our assessment. The final choice for this tender will be made based on votes. Erasmus School of Economics has one vote, just like all other schools.

Renovation of the Tinbergen building

Four contractors have received the tender documents for the renovation of the Tinbergen building. Their tender offers are expected by the end of October after which these offers will be reviewed and the contractor will be commissioned. The review of these offers and price negotiations will take about three months.

Moving out to the E and N building

With Real Estate Services we are busy making agreements and arrangements about moving to the E and N building.  We are finalising the layout of offices and meeting rooms for the E and N building, which we will “freeze” by the end of August, in order to ensure a smooth moving out and moving in process.  A room layout has been prepared, your operations manager will specify the layout per department during the summer period.

Schedule/ time frame

Despite the fact that the tender process may be delayed, we are still scheduled to move out the Tinbergen building by the end of November or early December. After summer holiday we will inform you on further details regarding schedule, locations and procedures. We emphasize the importance of cleaning your office. Instructions for cleaning and archiving will be communicated by Myeur and a next newsletter.

More information

At Myeur we have created a webpage about the renovation with extra information, documents and a short impression movie of the Tinbergen building after renovation.

Please do not hesitate to contact Danielle and/or your operations manager in case you have questions and/or concerns.