What to do if you think your colleague is lying?

NRC Handelsblad
Sophie van der Zee
Erasmus School of Economics

In a recent article by NRC Handelsblad, Ben Tiggelaar refers to an interview he had with Sophie van der Zee, Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. In the interview, Van der Zee discusses why people lie, and how to recognise it.

There are several reasons why people lie (so often). One of those reasons is biological, says Van der Zee: 'the biological answer is that lying offers an evolutionary advantage. Those who pretend to be better than they are, reproduce more often'. 

The best way to 'catch' someone lying is to ask unexpected questions, according to the Assistant Professor. Asking specific, unexpected questions will make it harder for the other person to keep his or her story believable. He will have to start making things up on the spot, and possibly telling irregularities.

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You can download the full article from NRC Handelsblad, 27 May 2023, above.

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