Women prefer to enrich the world instead of themselves

De Telegraaf
Erasmus School of Economics

Mary Pieterse-Bloem, Endowed Professor of Financial Markets at the Erasmus School of Economics, is a woman of the world. This sympathetic financial expert hopes that women will start to play a bigger role in the world of finance.

Investing is wrongly attributed to be a male’s thing. It is in fact proven that if woman invest, they tend to be better than men. They are intrinsic motivated and want to improve the world. For all the women who think investing is too complicated, Pieterse-Bloem has an advice. Pick your goal and decide how much and how long you want to invest. Make sure you can miss the money, because there is always a chance of losing it!

Mary Pieterse-Bloem
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Read the entire interview on De Telegraaf, 30 September 2019 (in Dutch).