Your opinion counts!

Course evaluations

No, this is not a reminder for the NSE :-) (although we certainly appreciate it if you fill it in!). We want to ask you to fill in the course evaluations. Go to Sin-Online right now or read more on why your opinion is so important to us.

The course evaluations provide lecturers with important information on how you, the student, experienced the course, and they will use your input to improve the course for next year. This academic year we started using a new course evaluation, which evaluates the course and lecturers on more aspects than the previous evaluation. This provides the lecturer with useful feedback, but also means that the evaluation takes a bit more time to complete. We hope that you are willing to spend a minute more to fill in the evaluation. Note that if you do not complete the full evaluation, we cannot see any of the responses you have given.

By filling in the course evaluation you help improve our courses and lecturers, and in the end that is also beneficial to you. Naturally, you won’t benefit anymore from the changes in the courses you already took but you will certainly profit from the evaluations given by the students in senior years. Therefore, please take some time to fill in the evaluations. To go directly to the course evaluations of block 3 login to Sin-Online.

Oh, and about the NSE, we really appreciate it if you fill in that one too... You can find the link to the NSE in the reminder e-mails that you received.