prof.dr. (Aurelien) A Baillon

prof.dr. (Aurelien) A Baillon

Professor of Economics of Uncertainty

Visiting fellow Erasmus School of Economics Applied Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Aurelien Baillon is Professor of Economics of Uncertainty, in the Behavioral Economics group.  His work focuses on individual decision making under risk and ambiguity. Through both empirical and theoretical studies, his research addresses issues in subjective probability elicitation, models of attitude towards risk and ambiguity, and aggregation of expert opinions (Personal website).

  • Aurélien Baillon (2016) - ERC Starting Grant - BayesianMarkets
  • Aurélien Baillon (2014) - NWO Vidi Grant - Beyond rational expectations
  • Aurélien Baillon (2011) - NWO Veni Grant - (Un)healthy ambiguity

Thesis Hub Master Economics & Business

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Internship Hub

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  • Zhihua Li

    Irrationality: What, Why and How
  • Ning Liu

    Behavioral biases in interpersonal contexts
  • Nick Benschop

    Biases in Project Escalation: Names, Frames & Construal Levels
  • Ahmet Cem Peker

    Continuous Bayesian markets: Theory and applications
  • Yan Xu

    An incentive mechanism to elicit unverifiable truth
  • Benjamin Tereick

    Making wiser crowds: the role of incentives, individual biases and improved aggregation
  • Aysil Emirmahmutoglu

    Zooming in on ambiguity attitudes

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