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Benedict Dellaert is professor of marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics. In his research and education he focuses on consumer decision-making and consumer- firm interaction. His research has important implications in digital marketing, financial services, healthcare, and travel. He regularly works with financial services firms on projects to support consumer decision making with online (risk) communication and personalized recommendations. Recent projects involve partners such as Achmea and APG. Professor Dellaert is a research theme coordinator at the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement (Netspar), a fellow of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), and a research fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. His former positions include posts at the University of Sydney in Australia, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and Monash University, Melbourne (fractional).

Erasmus School of Economics

Full professor | Business Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Benedict Dellaert (2010) - International Journal of Electronic Commerce (Journal)
  • Benedict Dellaert (2009) - International Journal of Research in Marketing (Journal)
  • Benedict Dellaert (2008) - Journal of Choice Modelling (Journal)

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October 2021
End date approval
October 2024

Data Science in Context

Year Level
Course Code

  • Nuno Almeida Camacho

    Health and Marketing: Essays on Physician and Patient Decision-Making
  • Ting Li

    Informedness and Customer-Centric Revenue Management
  • Jeroen Binken

    System Markets: Indirect Network Effects in Action, or Inaction?
  • Remco Prins

    Modeling Consumer Adoption and Usage of Value-Added Mobile Services
  • Björn Vroomen

    The Effects of the Internet, Recommendation Quality and Decision Strategies on Consumer Choice
  • Willem Smit

    Market Information Sharing in Channel Relationships Its Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences
  • Kristine de Valck

    Virtual Communities of Consumption: Networks of Consumer Knowledge and Companionship
  • Tim Benning

    A Consumer Perspective on Flexibility in Health Care: Priority Access Pricing and Customized Care
  • Dimitrios Tsekouras

    No Pain No Gain: The Beneficial Role of Consumer Effort in Decision-Making
  • Daniel Fernandes

    The Functions and Dysfunctions of Memory Cues
  • Ron van Schie

    Planning for retirement: Save more or retire later?
  • Ioannis Evangelidis

    Preference Construction under Prominence
  • Agapi-Thaleia Fytraki

    Behavioral Effects in Consumer Evaluations of Recommendation Systems
  • Anne-Sophie Lenoir

    Are You Talking to Me? Addressing Consumers in a Globalised World
  • Mirjam van Ginkel-Bieshaar

    The Impact of Abstract versus Concrete Product Communications on Consumer Decision-making Processes
  • Laura Straeter

    Interpersonal Consumer Decision Making
  • Elio Keko

    Essays on Innovation Generation in Incumbent Firms
  • Gosse Alserda

    Choices in Pension Management
  • Bruno Jacobs

    Marketing Analytics for High-Dimensional Assortments
  • Paniz Gorji

    PhD project in the marketing department at the Erasmus School of Economics
  • Thomas Frick

    The Implications of Advertising Personalization for Firms, Consumers, and Ad Platforms
  • Yadi Yang

    PhD project in the marketing department at the Erasmus School of Economics

News regarding (Benedict) BGC Dellaert

How Minor Changes in Choice Architecture Can Improve Health Insurance Product Choices and Costs

Benedict Dellaert, together with researchers from Columbia University, and University of Pennsylvania, has published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing.

Benedict Dellaert and Bas Donkers awarded a 250k Netspar grant

Marketing Professors Benedict Dellaert and Bas Donkers of Erasmus School of Economics receive a grant of 250,000 euros, to investigate and support individuals’…
Bas Donkers and Benedict Dellaert

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