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  • (Mareen) M Bastiaans

    (Mareen) M Bastiaans

  • prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    Sjoerd van Bekkum is Professor of Finance and Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University. His research agenda focuses on changes in the…
  • dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    Research interests: Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Marketing, Subjective Well-Being, Inequality and Poverty. My work borrows from behavioral economics and…
  • dr. (Tim) TM Benning

    dr. (Tim) TM Benning

  • dr. (Ajay) AS Bhaskarabhatla

    dr. (Ajay) AS Bhaskarabhatla

    Industry Evolution, Incentives for Innovation, Healthcare Markets
  • dr. (Suzanne) SH Bijkerk

    dr. (Suzanne) SH Bijkerk

  • prof.dr. (Han) H Bleichrodt

    prof.dr. (Han) H Bleichrodt

    Han Bleichrodt is a professor of behavioural economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. Professor Bleichrodt's research activities focus on decisions under…
  • (Simone) ST Boerema

    (Simone) ST Boerema

  • dr. (Anne) AL Boring

    dr. (Anne) AL Boring

  • (Paul) PR Bose

    (Paul) PR Bose

    Paul Bose is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics. Since Sep. 2018 he works on his PhD project entitled “Essays in Applied Political Economy”. The…

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