Student Experience
Master specialisation

Student Experience - Master specialisation

Hi! My name is Irene. In September I started with my master specialisation: Urban, Port and Transport Economics. A rather specific economic direction. Many people around me work in the port and transport sector, so this has greatly stimulated my interest in this specialisation.

In order to make sure that I would make the right choice for a master though, I joined an orientation committee during my 3rd bachelor year, named the Orientation Cycle Committee of the economic faculty association EFR. Together with my fellow committee members, we organised 6 different orientation days during which we not only received information from professors but also visited companies that were active in the associated sector.

Personally I found almost all masters interesting, but in the end I chose Urban, Port and Transport Economics. The decisive factor was the fact that I had come to live in Rotterdam, which is the largest port in Europe. The city, the population and the companies did not only motivate me, but also showed me the challenges and opportunities that I really wanted to discover from the perspective of a port and transport economist.