Academic calendar

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Photo: Eric Fecken

Every faculty at EUR uses a slightly different academic calendar. The academic year of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences is split into eight blocks, each of the blocks lasting for five weeks. Therefore the beginning and ending dates of blocks differ per academic year. Below you will find a rough overview of the academic year.

Fall semester:

September 1 - last working day of December

Spring semester:

First working day of January - first week of July

  • Block 1: September-October (5 weeks)
  • Block 2: October –November (5 weeks)
  • Block 3: November-December (5 weeks)

  • Block 4: January-February (5 weeks)
  • Block 5: February-March (5 weeks)
  • Block 6: March-April (5 weeks)
  • Block 7: April-May (5 weeks)
  • Block 8: May-July (5 weeks)