Conference Resilience and Recovery after COVID-19: insights from the social & behavioural sciences

The current COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented impact on society: social, economic and (mental) health inequalities are widening, and human behaviour is an undisputed factor in crisis management. Since day one of the pandemic, the ESSB has been leading various human and social studies.  

Contactperson for the conference: 06 83676038 (Marjolein Kooistra)

ESSB scientists from various disciplines present their research and share their findings with scientists from elsewhere. We invite researchers from the Netherlands and abroad to participate in this scientific conference.

The online conference is split up into seven different thematic sessions. During the sessions, four researchers will give a short presentation on their recent research that is connected to the overarching theme. After the presentations, there will be room for questions and discussion. The seven themes will be divided into two sessions.

Programme (in English)

9.30 uur opening speech by conference chair  

Round 1 | 4 sessions | 9.45-10.45 

Pandemic and beyond: Family Functioning 
Pandemic and beyond: Engaged Citizens
Pandemic and beyond: Educational Challenges 
Pandemic and beyond: Adolescent Wellbeing

Round 2 | 3 sessions | 11.00 - 12.00

Pandemic and beyond: Mental Wellbeing 
Pandemic and beyond: Policy-making
Pandemic and beyond: Daily Life

Abstracts, speakers and registration

Booklet with abstracts and speakers can be found here.
Registration form you can find here.

You are also invited to the afternoon panel discussions with ESSB researchers and representatives from the civil society (in Dutch). Look here for more information. 


More information


Prof. Semiha Denktas (chairman), Dr. Mike Duijn, Prof. Claartje ter Hoeven, Dr. Ruth Van der Hallen, Joelle van der Meer, MSc, Robert Weijers, MSc, Prof. Rolf Zwaan

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We look forward to meeting you online on Thursday, 20 May.

Externded overview COVID-19 related research at ESSB  you can find on the Impact Corona Crisis page.